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Interlingo Interpreting

For interpreters with passion

Interpreting is a very special profession. It is more than just translating. For example, what are the usual rules of behaviour in another country? Is it considered acceptable to interrupt? And how do people respond to someone saying ‘No’?

Interpreting service

Interlingo’s interpreters do not just know the language – they are also familiar with the cultural background. They have specialized knowledge of various specific areas of expertise. And they will do everything within their power to eliminate the language barrier between you and your business partners.

During the interpreting project, Interlingo’s experts aid and support you in communicating with your customer. Whether the work involves consecutive interpreting, simultaneous interpreting or whisper interpreting, language and culture go together to produce accurate and appropriate communication.

Interpreter on location

Interlingo takes care of interpreting projects in a multitude of settings. Our interpreters will support you, for example, at meetings and gatherings, on guided tours, for legal matters and personal talks with your staff or customers.

At any time and in any place in the world, we always have the right interpreter for your specific situation.

Would you like to know more?

We would be happy to give you advice that addresses your specific question or prepare a free quotation. Phone the project team on +31 40 – 21 22 321 or send an e-mail to info@interlingo.nl.