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Interlingo ready for the future

I have the great honour of heading up Interlingo Translation Services since November 2017. My predecessor Ingrid van Eijk has left me a wonderful and solid company, in which the work is being carried out by an excellent team of passionate people whose hart is really in it.

How well they do, has become apparent from many contacts with our clients, who are all very happy about working with my great team. The level of service, the quality of our translations as well as administrative accuracy and completeness are some of the strengths that are recurring themes in their comments. The expert knowledge of our specialised translators and the fact that they manage to find the right tone of voice are also mentioned frequently.

I will make sure that those qualities will be further strengthened, with an increased focus on customer intimacy, specialised translation expertise, and highly professional support for our customers, which are the three principles underpinning everything that we do at Interlingo. And from now on, much more attention will be paid to technology  – especially Computer-Aided Translation tools and automated translation –  insofar as it will benefit our clients. Innovation and sustainability are two other important focus areas for the immediate future.

Our efforts in the area of business development will focus around high-tech companies in this wonderful region, with the Brainport Eindhoven at its very heart. Companies who are leaders in their areas of expertise that we seek to support in our area of expertise: high-quality translations. Websites, manuals, software, legal documents, and any other type of content companies need to succeed internationally. Please call 040-21.22.321 or mail me directly at joel@interlingo.net.

Joël Sigling
Managing Director