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The best translation to enhance your success

Are you looking for the agency in the Netherlands that can deliver the best translation for your needs? Call on Interlingo’s team of experienced and sworn translators. They will translate for you into and out of English, German, Spanish and French. But Interlingo also supplies Polish, Chinese and Russian translations.

The benefits of working with Interlingo are short delivery times and competitive rates. Sounds good? This is only the beginning. Discover the strength of Interlingo and decide for yourself which benefits are important to you.

Language and culture

Language and culture are inextricably linked. National traditions and customs are just as important as correct language use.

Translations you can trust

As well as the importance of discretion, Interlingo knows the power of communicating in the right context: take full advantage of the power of intercultural communication. You will clearly see that the translation reflects the culture of your target group. And your customers will appreciate it.

Interlingo Translations

From English to Estonian, from French to Farsi: Interlingo provides translations in all languages. Always with attention to…
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Interlingo Interpreting

Interpreting is a very special profession. It is more than just translating. For example, what are the usual rules…
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Interlingo Education

Interlingo provides short courses for qualified translators. All specialist areas, such as legal, technical or commercial…
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Translations, Education, Interpreting

Interlingo has three business units: Translations, Education and Interpreting. Our aim is to concentrate our strengths and respond rapidly to the needs of the market.

With courses to update and expand skills, Interlingo continuously improves the level of translators and of the services they provide. This means you can always count on outstanding quality.

The best translation

Let Interlingo’s language experts advise you on your communications needs, from translations of all types of documents to international interpreting services.

Latest news

Interlingo as language professional on RTL 4

In the summer of 2016, we were selected by RTL 4 to participate in the TV programme van Passie naar Droombaan.

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Are you on the look-out for a challenging job?

Interlingo is always looking for language specialists with the drive to take customer communication to a higher level.

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“Interlingo is the partner if you are concerned about quality.”

“Deadlines are tight and pressure is high during the production process. Interlingo deals with this very well. Whatever we ask of them.”

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